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Check Out Our School Sports Resources Every Athlete Shouldn't Be Without Below

Juggling the challenges of sports and high school with a social life is tough. So check out our high school sports resources every athlete shouldn't be without. Our Classlete Resources of the best apps, products & services available to help you #BalanceItAll.

We all know it takes hard work to excel at the sport you love, to keep your grades up and cultivate pivotal relationships with your peers, coaches and the volunteer organization you support. Our high school sports resources every athlete shouldn't be without list is a must have.

So why not also work smart and take advantage of a shortcut or two to get there? Click the above tabs to view the below options for each category listed starting with our Classlete Favourites. You can thank us later!

If you have a resource you think we should consider adding, tell us what and why by tweeting us @ClassleteSports! Or DM us on Instagram @classlete!

Vert Shock

#1 Jump Program in the World

High school athletes use Vert Shock To jump higher.  Adam Folker’s Vert Shock system will help you to jump 9 to 15 inches higher in any sport, guaranteed.  Some of the best high school athletes are using Vert Shock to jump higher and gain a competitive advantage.

In tandem with Canadian Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, this vertical jump program has been endorsed by ESPN, CBS Sports and SLAM Magazine to name a few.

How would your life change by adding a few inches to your vertical jump? Unleash your athletic potential with Vert Shock today.

Get bounce today!

ACCO Brands

Get Focused with ACCO

High school student athletes focus with the help of ACCO daytime planners.

These daytime planners help you maximize your time and get the best out of your busy day.  Whether in between classes, juggling sporting events or ensuring you don’t miss the party of the year, be sure to be above your class both on and off the field of play with ACCO.

Look no further as high school student athletes focus with ACCO daytime planners.

Get ACCO today!

RedShelf Digital Textbooks

Save Up To 80% on Digital Textbooks

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to save money on digital textbooks for high school athletes, look no further than RedShelf.

RedShelf allows you to save up to 80% on digital textbooks vs. print!  Who wants to carry around heavy textbooks on and off the field of play when you have a lot on your shoulders to begin with?

Spend less and study harder – save money on digital textbooks for high school athletes with RedShelf.

Get RedShelf today!

SAT / ACT – Prep Expert

Score High On Your SAT & ACT Test

Get the most well-reviewed SAT and ACT prep for high school athletes on the market with Prep Expert.

If you want to get scholarships, financial aid, or you want to reduce your cost of college, Prep Expert is the only way to go.

Take advantage of the best SAT and ACT prep for high school athletes with our EXCLUSIVE Classlete Coupon Code “CLASSLETEPREPEXPERT300″ for a discount of $300 on an SAT/ACT course and never miss the mark again.

Check out Prep Expert!

Fanatics Fan Gear

Represent Your Favorite Teams

Get the best jerseys for high school athletes from Fanatics and represent by wearing your favorite sports jersey of the athlete you idolize.

Fanatics is your one-stop-shop offering fans the world’s largest collection of official sports apparel from all the professional leagues and teams (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc) from the players you love.

Get your drip and the best jerseys for high school athletes with Fanatics.

Represent your favorite team by clicking here!

Wize Tutoring and Prep

Save Time & Money on Online Tutoring

This is not your average high school athlete online tutoring provider.  Wize is your #1 one-on-one virtual tutor for help in any academic subject.

So if you are tired of doing homework, papers or assignments on your own, check out Wize for the help you need from the experts who know your course the best.

Get 20% Off Your First Month Of Our Subscription With Code: wizeup20

Get help from the top high school athlete online tutoring provider today!

BPI Top High School Supplement Provider

Be Your Best With BPI Supplements

Perform your best with BPI the Top High School Supplement Provider.  Become passionate about being the best version of yourself both on and off the field at play.

It takes discipline and commitment to live healthier and train harder day in and day out. Making great supplements is no exception.

Check out BPI the top high school supplement provider and never look back with our Classlete 15% off coupon by clicking below with Coupon Code “GET15”

Get BPI today!


Be The Best High School Baseball Pitcher

Pitch Hard Like Jacob deGrom

Become and train like the best high school baseball pitcher in the nation.  What if we told you as a high school athlete you could:

  • Pitch and throw harder?
  • Reduce the risk of career-ending injury?
  • Earn a college scholarship?
  • Or even pitch professionally?

Then this program is an exact fit for you!

The Most Comprehensive 30 pg Pitcher Specific Program on the market used to make high school pitchers into pros.

Get this program today!

High School Speed Training For Hockey

Get Fast Like Connor McDavid

If you want to move as fast on the ice rink as NHL stars Connor McDavid or Johnny Gaudreau, then look no further than the High School Speed Training For Hockey program.

Speed Training For Hockey is a 150-page booklet that dives into all aspects of speed development for high school ice hockey players. It includes three 12-week training programs for players in the U-14, 14-18, And 18+ age groups, as well as a video database of all the exercises.

Get this program today!


Run Faster Speed Training Program

Speed Training that Makes You Faster in Any Sport

Where in the world as a high school athlete can you get a blueprint to condition your muscles for speed in any sport with only 15 mins/day, 4 days/week and no equipment required?   Look no further than the Run Faster Speed Training Program.

With positive reviews from NFL, NBA, Soccer and Track & Field pros, leave your competition in the dust, win more games and track meets with the Run Faster Speed Training Program today.

Purchase this program today!

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