Q.  What is Classlete?

Classlete.com (the word “Class” and “Athlete” put together) is a social networking platform for Canadian and U.S. based high school student athletes between the ages of 13-19, who feel they are not being recognized for their academic, athletic and community accomplishments both on and off the field of play and who struggle to balance school, sports and their social lives.

We have developed an online platform that offers digital content resources as well as the ability for all members to have free and paid access to create and share their own custom Classlete Sports Card – an online proprietary digital sports card that empowers our members to showcase their Stats, GPA, and Community Volunteer hours and share it with their friends via social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Members will also be able to create their online profile, upload their stats, pictures and collect Classlete Badges and Points for engaging with our community.

We believe this will help high school student athletes have better access to educational and entertaining tools, tips and resources to balance it all academically, athletically and socially, connect likeminded individuals who have a sense of belonging to our community while motivating them to share their on and off the field accomplishments in a cool and fun way.

Q.  Can anyone create their user profile as a member of Classlete?

Anyone in the U.S. or Canada in high school can create a profile on Classlete so long as they are 13 years old and older. Anyone below the age of 13 years old cannot be a member of our Classlete community, yet :).

Q.  How do I create my user profile as a member?

We created a blog post that outlines how to create your own Classlete user profile step-by-step here.  This post will continue to be updated as new features are added.

Q.  How do I create my own Classlete Sports Card so I can share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

Have you ever felt like your athletic, academic and community accomplishments are not recognized like they should? Have you ever wanted your own sports card like the pros?

We are super excited about the launch of our Classlete Sports Card and we created a blog post that outlines it in detail here.

Q.  I’d like to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold member. How does this work?

All the benefits of becoming a Bronze, Silver or Gold member can be viewed on our Pricing Page. On this page, click the question mark image for more details.

Q.  How do I purchase a Classlete Sports Card alone without becoming a Bronze, Silver or Gold member?

You can definetely purchase a Classlete Sports Card template design without being a Bronze, Silver or Gold member. You can view these details on our Pricing Page. On this page, click the question mark image for more details.

Q.  How often can I change or share my Classlete Sports Card?

Any changes made under the Edit Profile area will also be reflected on your Classlete Sports Card (i.e. changing your high school, location, GPA, Stats, Community Hours, etc).  Additionally, if you change your Primary Sport or Primary Position, this will also change the design of your Classlete Sports Card.

You can share your Classlete Sports Card to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as many times as you would like.  After all, you gain Classlete Points and Classlete Badges for doing so.

Q.  What is the Classlete Survey?

The Classlete Survey is a 15-part multiple question survey that addresses key factors about the life of a high school student athlete.

And the cool thing about it is, after completing your Classlete Survey, your answers will determine your Classlete Type (more on this below).

Your Classlete Type will be displayed on your Classlete Sports Card for all to see, particularly when you share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your friends to see.

Also, a star rating system of how you score on your Athletics, Academics and Social Life will be displayed on the Classlete Sports Card. This will be based on how you fill out your user profile and how you answer our fun 15-part multiple question Classlete Survey.

More details on the Classlete Survey can be found here.

Q.  What is a Classlete Type?

Do you know what type of high school athlete you are?  Your Classlete Type will be determined by what information you input into your user profile and how you address the questions within the 15-part multiple question Classlete Survey.

There are 4 Classlete Types including:

  1. The Confident Athlete
  2. The Cerebral Athlete
  3. The Social Athlete
  4. The Balanced Athlete

The Balanced Athlete is the Classlete Type we should all aspire to be because these athletes demonstrate positive attributes and strengths of all the other Classlete Types.

**Note – this is not meant to be scientific or to be taken seriously. This is just a fun way of classifying you as a high school student athlete in an entertaining way.

You can read more about the Classlete Types as well as the strengths and weakness of each here.

Q.  How do I earn Classlete Badges and Classlete Points?

We have developed a total of 11 Classlete Badges that Classlete.com members will earn for completing key activities within the community. They will also earn Classlete Points for each activity they complete as well.

Why accumulate Classlete Points you ask?

Because we want to later reward you with for engaging with our community.  You can read more about our Classlete Badges and Classlete Points here.

Q.  I can’t find my high school under the Edit Profile area.  What do I do?

If you cannot find your high school within the Edit Profile area, please email us the with the subject heading “Add High School Request” to info@dev.classlete.com along with the following information:

  • – A link to your Classlete user profile.  Just copy and paste the URL from your main user profile page.
  • – Your high school details (full name of high school, full address including the country, state/province, town, and zip/postal code).
  • – A website link to your high school.  If you cannot access this, then search Google for any listing that shows proof that your high school exists and insert the link to it as a reference.  This will allow us to confirm the high school details you have provided above as correct.

We will then email you once your high school has been added to our database, allowing you to continue to fill out and complete your user profile!

Q.  How do I advertise with Classlete?

Advertising opportunities can include on our website(s), on our email newsletters, our Classlete Podcast episodes, our created videos, or events.

If you are interested, email us at advertise@dev.classlete.com.

Q.  I noticed a glitch and I would like to provide feedback. What’s the best way to do this?

If you find a glitch on our website, in the user profile, settings, Classlete Sport Cards or anywhere, you feedback is appreciated and will help improve our platform. Please notify us by emailing info@dev.classlete.com and provide the below information:

  • – In the Subject Line, write a summary of the issue and provide where you are experiencing the issue
  • – When did you experience this issue? How long? What do you think triggered this?
  • – Please provide a screenshot
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