Classlete Bronze Membership


You are well on your way to joining our Classlete Bronze Membership.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you treated yourself to something that you knew you deserved?  If you consider the amount of time you invested into being the best on and off the field of play, you would know your worth.

Each Classlete Bronze Membership includes:

– 3 x Virtual Classlete Sports Card Designs each year

**For more info on what’s included in each membership, scroll down to view more details.

Once you select your chosen design, you can then download the PNG version we will provide you, which will allow you to post it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all your friends to see.  Celebrate sharing your Athletic (Stats), Academic (GPA) and Community Hours and let them know how well-rounded of a high school athlete you are.

Don’t cheap out on what can help set you apart from the rest in your class.  Become a Classlete Bronze member today!

Product Description

Each Classlete Bronze Membership includes:

  • Up to 3 x Virtual Classlete Sports Card Designs you can purchase each year
  • No printed product is included (i.e. no printed Classlete Sports Cards or Posters)
  • Each Purchased Virtual/Printed Classlete Sports Card or Poster can be updated up to 5 times per year
  • 12 Different Colors to Customize Your Virtual Classlete Sports Card
  • Access to All Classlete Sports Card Designs
  • Unlimited Access to Classlete Content All Year
  • Access to our ‘How to Train Like A Pro Sports Specific Workouts’
  • Access to the Best Athletic, Academic, Social Life Training Programs, Resources and Apps

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