Spotlight Classlete Printed Poster


Introducing the Classlete Spotlight Printed High School Poster!


Having to obtain and remain in the spotlight as a high school student athlete can be difficult.  Between balancing good grades, performing well in the sport you love to play and having a good social life outside of athletics, being the go-to person can take its toll.

One thing that athletes can do to stay relevant while remaining humble is being a vocal leader in the locker room as well as join conversations in person or online that you are passionate about.  This will give you a chance to let others in on what makes you tick allowing them to have a better appreciation for you.  It can create an aura around you helping you to attract potential recruiters as well as authentic friends – perhaps even attention from the opposite sex.

Some people are known for their abilities while others are renowned for the inspiration they provide through the words they speak.

Whatever your method, create your own highlights on and off the field of play that others will have no choice but to respect.  Get your custom Classlete Spotlight Printed High School Poster today!


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Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Customized with your first/last name, sport position, jersey number, team name, # of badges earned and your Classlete Type on the front and the back of the card.
  • Minimum order of 1 x Classlete Printed Poster where each poster is 12″ width x 18″ height inches in size, perfect to be hung on your wall.
  • Premium quality silk paper stock, ensuring durability and sturdiness.
  • Eye-catching high gloss laminate coating making your poster shine delivering premium quality.
  • Choose from 12 different color options based on your team brand or individual style.
  • Feel free to regenerate and share your Classlete Poster on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

**No picture frame is included**