Dating high school athletes

Dating high school athletes can be tricky business.

Fellas, it all started when she noticed you were not the average jock and that you cared about coupling your book smarts with that great sense of humor.

Or ladies, it all started when he found out you actually like sports (and were good at it) but yet didn’t act, dress or look like him.

But after a few conversations, laughs and awkward silences, you already know how this story will end up, don’t you?

Look, I know high school can sometimes be about living up your glory years while you are young (#ClassleteLife), but with the current workload of balancing school with your sporting life and tracking towards your goals, how do you know he or she isn’t bait for a disastrous short-term distraction vs. someone you genuinely want and should get to know?

I can count hundreds of times how many super-talented and brilliant student athletes in my day have gotten “caught up” with drugs, alcohol, peer pressure or just bad relationships. Some have even become parents with babies even though they are still babies themselves.

So rather than failing relationship after relationship, here are some wise ways to tell if he or she is not right for you.


1.  Is She Really Right For You Or Is This Just The Same Old Pattern

If you keep noticing that your relationships end up crumbling for the same reasons, have the wisdom to recognize the distinct patterns. This could boil down to being attracted to the same types of guys or girls, making the same in-season relationship mistakes, or not realizing you are the common denominator.

Everyone has their preferences, but just because someone’s your type doesn’t mean that they’re automatically right for you.

On the other hand, it could be your behavior that drives girls or guys crazy and ultimately, away in the other direction.

Part of understanding whether she’s right for you is knowing yourself. It’s tough to know what will be right for you if you’re unable to recognize that you’re not making the right choices.

Exam the patterns, make the necessary adjustments and never duplicate it again. Your future self will thank you for it.


2.  They Don’t Support Your Goals

Ever been in a relationship while in-season* and he or she never understood the concept of you how much limited time you had due to your involvement in sports? What about when he or she has somewhat manipulated you into making decisions that are counter-productive to your ambitions?

Although this isn’t marriage, be sure from the onset of any new potential relationship that your new bae understands where you are headed and can be one of your biggest cheerleaders. The trick is to find common ground and appreciation for each. However, never do so at the expense of your aspirations.



3.  They Are Continually Negative

Negativity repulses me as well as others. I recall being in a relationship with a girl during my senior year of high school and she always complained. Whether it was about how much work she had to do or about her manager at her part-time job at a fast food restaurant, it took it’s toll on me mentally throughout our short stint.


  • Is he or she always complaining about issues they have the ability to change or not change?
  • Is he or she negative regardless of how supportive, encouraging and resourceful you may be?
  • Is he or she typically thinking about the worst-case scenario within the majority of situations?


Need an Advil yet?

Enough is enough when it begins to toll and stresses you out unnecessarily.


Dating High School Athletes

The point is, look for relationships that when you leave – because you likely will at this age – you exit with a wealth of more positive experiences than negative and have the self-awareness to recognize the red flags before sharing your valuable time with someone that doesn’t support your ambitions.

Tell us in the comment section below, how else can you tell he or she is not right for you?


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