life of a high school athlete

We’re born alone. And although many of us have either played or currently play sports, we all seem to secretly think we have problems that no one else has – especially for those who live the life of a high school athlete.

The sound of that annoyingly loud alarm clock that you endure each early weekday morning.

The mental strain your brain must push through while trying hard to learn something relevant during class on limited sleep.

The stress of balancing life at home, at school, and both on and off the field of play while grinding towards your goals, day in and day out.

We want to know someone who really gets us and be a part of something that really understands us.

Something or someone that speaks to us, and just to us. Someone or something that listens to our problems and fears, and then makes them go away – or at least acknowledges them.

This is why we built

So what can provide to assist in balancing the life of a high school student athlete?


Make Sports Fun Again

Yes, I know many of you elite high school athletes need the latest and greatest on creating a winning attitude, nutritional or fitness tips and recruitment advice to get to the next level.

But sports aren’t always about winners and losers, YouTube highlight clips and bravado.

The need for the high school athletes to possess the intangibles to be their best in and outside of sports, the social aptitude to lead in an impersonal social media world and the rise of the female athlete is at an all-time high.

Just ask now 13 year old and 2014 Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year Mo’ne Davis.

And guess what the common denominator is exhibited most by Mo’ne no matter if she is in front of cameras on a talk show, pitching a fastball on the pitching mound or hitting a jump shot on the hardwood?


A simple word that brings the competitive nature of sports back down to it’s roots and makes you want to be a kid again.


Classlete will always aim to keep the essence of playing sports at its core whether it be through:

  • Enjoying the experience of sharing and comparing your personalized online digital Classlete Sports Card on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Connecting with like-minded student athletes who are striving to balance it all by creating your own user profile on
  • Finding out and highlighting how other past and present student athletes keep competitive sports fun and entertaining.
  • Interviewing guest experts through our Classlete Podcast and providing interesting tidbits of information on everything from recruitment, sports psychology, performance and more.


Educate In an Entertaining and Relevant Way

Before you assume we are just another Facebook but for high school athletes, we aim to be different through using a different means to educate.

For example, our Classlete Podcast episodes will feature guest interviews from everyone such as an Olympian, a sports neuroscientist, a popular TV sports media personality, a respected strength and conditioning coach and much more.

We will also showcase episodes from our Classlete Alumni Series by interviewing past high performing professional or collegiate athletes whose aim is to pass on words of wisdom and hilarious stories about their successes, mistakes and failures as a student athlete back in their glory days.

Our blog will provide video or written content on anything from The Top 5 Must Have Apps for High School Athletes to How To Tell He or She is Right For You as a High School Athlete.

As long as the topic revolves around the life of a high school student athlete, expect to see it highlighted, discussed and debated here on


Help Create Social Change Through Social Sharing

 “The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.”
— Leonard Nimoy

Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

We take the good, bad and ugly when it comes to social media, but one thing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram does allow us to do is share something worthwhile seeing, hearing or to think about.

Sports are beneficial and can lead to a well-balanced healthy lifestyle because they teach teamwork, dedication, responsibility, and many other qualities you will rely on later in life.

The combination of advocating the benefits of sports for the student athlete coupled with social media sharing is what makes worthwhile checking out.

So if you see a blog post about an interesting topic that you know that one guy on your team will need to see, share it.

If you listen to one of our Classlete Podcast episodes on a subject that you know that one dude or girl on your team needs to listen to, share it.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, sharing is key to our community here at So much so, that we have created a points system that will allow members to earn Classlete Points and Classlete Badges for doing various activities such as:

  • Creating and sharing your personalized Classlete Sports Card with your friends on social media channels.
  • Liking and sharing Classlete related content on your social media channels such as our Classlete Podcast episodes, blog and video posts.
  • Referring your friends, teammates or high school rivals to as new members.

Why accumulate Classlete Points and Badges you ask?

What if you could redeem your Classlete Points and Badges for various discounts to exclusive Classlete merchandise like hats, shirts or wristbands or other discounts to your favorite retail store and other membership perks?

All this is a part of our upcoming plans so help us better the next generation of high school student athletes by fostering a culture of sharing through


The Life of a High School Athlete Only Gets Better

So why wait? Join us on the journey of making sports fun again while comparing your online digital Classlete Sports Card like your parents did with a stack of paperback baseball cards. Your social sharing of our relevant yet entertaining content will help both you and other fellow student athletes balance it all that much more easily in school, sports and your social life.

Overall, we are a community of sharing so if you have any ideas on what you would like to see provide, please let us know in the comment section below.

If you are a high school student athlete, know of one or are a parent or teacher, sign up for our email newsletter by clicking here and you will get a free download of a sports specific workout co-created with the strength and conditioning coaches at Grunt Performance to help you dominate the sport you love playing.

High School Sport Specific Workout Program


We look forward to supporting and helping the next generation of student athletes be above their class both on and off the field of play.





-The Classlete Team


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